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Eva S. Holocaust testimony
Fortunoff Video Archive (Unrestricted)
Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
EAD ID mssa.hvt.3934
Orbis bib 4470138
Primary Slovak
creation 1996-05-08
EAD ID mssa.hvt.3934
Orbis bib 4470138
Person or Corporate Body S., Eva , 1935-
Person or Corporate Body Hlinkova slovenská l̕udová strana
Person or Corporate Body S., Eva , -- 1935-
Person or Corporate Body Hlinkova slovenská l̕udová strana
topical Holocaust survivors
topical Video tapes
topical Women
topical Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)
genre_form Personal narratives
topical World War, 1939-1945
genre_form Personal narratives, Jewish
topical World War, 1939-1945
topical Children
topical Jewish children in the Holocaust
topical Christian converts from Judaism
topical World War, 1939-1945
topical Underground movements
geographic Slovakia
geographic Czechoslovakia
geographic Trenčín (Slovakia)
geographic Banská Bystrica (Slovakia)
geographic Low Tatra Mountains (Slovakia)
geographic Povrazník (Slovakia)
geographic Detva (Slovakia)
geographic Košice (Slovakia)
geographic ľubietová (Slovakia)
genre_form Oral histories (document genres)
topical Child survivors
topical Hlinka guard
topical Aid by non-Jews
topical Forests
topical Bunkers
topical Postwar experiences
topical Partisans
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Abstract Videotape testimony of Eva S., who was born in Trenc?i?n, Czechoslovakia (presently Slovakia) in 1935. She recounts attending a Jewish school for one grade; her family's exemption from deportation due to her father's dental practice; conversion with her parents by an evangelical priest; a patient who was in the Hlinka guard warning them they would be deported the next day; staying with non-Jewish neighbors, who then led them to partisan territory; staying with an evangelical priest in l?ubietova?, who offered to save her; her parents insistence that they stay together; her father working for the partisans in Banska? Bystrica as a dentist/doctor; retreating to the Tatra Mountains, then to Povrazni?k; living in a tent; difficulties obtaining food and water; her father wanting to surrender; encountering a non-Jewish couple who regularly brought them food; a man warning them of Germans approaching and leading them to another partisan unit that assisted them building a bunker in a forest; her father providing medical care to the partisans; traveling to Detva, which had already been liberated; crossing a field of corpses en route; living in Kos?ice until Trenc?i?n was liberated; returning home; neighbors returning their possessions; learning many relatives did not survive; continuing her education; the births of two brothers; and difficulties with the Communist regime starting in 1948. Ms. S. notes feeling safe with the partisans, and her family continuing to attend the evangelical church.
Primary Slovak
Place of Recording Bratislava, Slovakia :
creation 1996-05-08
Producer Milan Šimečka Foundation
S., Eva, 1935-
Salner, Peter, 1951-
Interviewee S, Eva (5201)
Interviewer Salner, Peter
Interviewer Vrzgulova, Monika

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