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Paul D. Edited Testimony (HVT-8041)
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Illustrating his recollections with photographs, a child survivor from Humenné, Slovakia describes an early childhood full of love and warmth in spite of the death of his father when he was three years old. With evident pride in his own resourcefulness and that of the adults who cared for him, he relates his wartime experiences of flight, hiding, and living "on the Aryan side" in the manner of an adventure story, though it is told against the backdrop of the disappearances and deaths of family members - grandfather, favorite cousin, beloved stepfather - until only he and his mother remain. During a recent period of despondency, overcome by the feeling that many people from his childhood live only in his memory, Mr. D. told his son about these people. He is now confident that will live in his son's memory as well. Some profanity.

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Paul D. Holocaust testimony (HVT-48), Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies, Yale University Library.

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